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Daily Defence Against Disease-Causing Bacteria 

Add this defence duo to your dog's daily routine ... 

The friendly bacteria in Love Bugs help fight harmful bacteria and yeast and modulate the immune response. With 30 Billion CFU and 14 strains, this is a powerful source of probiotics. Love Bugs also contains cancer-fighting Larch ... the perfect prebiotic to feed the probiotics and support the immune system. $34.97

Why Do Dogs Need Probiotics? Inside your dog are trillions of microsopic bugs (bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms). These colonies of bacteria live in harmony with your dog and help modulate his immune system, produce his vitamins and short chain fatty acids and even talk to his brain.

But these delicate colonies can be disrupted with poor diet, antibiotics and drugs, and chemicals. It's scientifically proven that dogs with larger and more varied populations of bacteria are healthier and show fewer signs of allergies, inflammation, digestive diseases and more. Love Bugs is a daily supplement that can help restore the beneficial bacteria populations in your dog.

What Are The Benefits Of Love Bugs?

Love Bugs can help your dog with:

  •   Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and Digestive issues
  •   Atopic Dermatitis and other skin conditions 
  •   Prevention of Tooth Decay and Bad Breath 
  •   Food Sensitivities and Allergies
  •   Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  •   Ear Infections and Yeast  

How Much Do I Give My Dog?

------- SIZE OF DOG -------

1-29 Pounds


1/4 tsp

------- SIZE OF DOG -------

30-59 Pounds


1/2 tsp

------- SIZE OF DOG -------

60-89 Pounds


3/4 tsp

------- SIZE OF DOG -------

90+ Pounds


1 tsp

How Long Will It Last?

Each jar of Love Bugs will last 56 days for small dogs, 28 days for medium dogs, 19 days for large dogs and 14 days for giant dogs. Add to meals once a day.

Love Bugs

Love Bugs contains no fillers. With 16 strains of non-allergenic probiotics and a whopping 30 Billion CFU, Love Bugs is the natural choice to support your dog's health and immune system.